Business development is our passion

Many sectors and business models are in a state of transition. ProAct thinks entrepreneurially and acts in a targeted manner – from the development of ideas and the creation of concepts to their ultimate implementation. We possess comprehensive expertise and experience in the development of strategies and their implementation and know the conceptual and practical management tools required to bring about conscious and company-wide changes. Consulting, coaching, leading or doing – ProAct is flexible.

Business and strategy development

Success today is no guarantee for a successful future. ProAct provides you with assured and efficient support during the process of developing your strategy. At the end, you will know where your journey is headed and what you need to do to reach your target.

Customer experience and innovation

The customer experience needs to be systematically geared towards client needs at every digital and physical touch point. ProAct has extensive experience in both classic and agile market and business area development.

Processes and organisation

How do your operational and organisational structures need to be set up in order to provide optimal support for the implementation of your strategy? ProAct offers well-founded assistance during the creation or optimisation of processes and organisations.

ICT systems and data management

From the strategic coordination of business, digital and ICT strategies to the actual conception, evaluation and provision of modern ICT instruments – ProAct accompanies you on the road to achieving your goal.

Culture and cooperation

Different cultures can often be found within companies – for example, the attributes of “robust/safety-oriented” versus “offensive/innovative”. ProAct knows how to resolve cultural challenges and provides targeted impetus in the area of change management.

Transformation and leadership

Always with the objective of achieving business goals, ProAct supports management staff during transformation processes as a consultant, coach and mentor, or may even assume the reins itself as leader.

Roles of ProAct

Depending on the situation and wishes of our clients, ProAct assumes different roles. In addition to providing consulting and coaching services, we also set about leading and doing ourselves.


Content-based and specialist consulting with the development and documentation of analyses, strategies and concepts.

Examples: development of strategies, business plans, marketing concepts, etc.


Professional development of management staff, leadership figures and teams in the areas of leadership and project management to enable them to “lead” and “do”.

Examples: coaching of project managers, executive board members, CEOs, board chairmen, etc.


Lead roles in projects, management of individuals or teams with responsibility for results.

Examples: programme management, project management, interim management, etc.


Operational participation in (implementation) projects or during day-to-day business with a view to pursuing specific goals (quality, time, result, costs).

Examples: performance of tasks, implementation of measures, office project management, product ownership, scrum master, etc.

Selected client projects

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