Transformation coaching and support for Transa

Transa is the leading provider of travel and outdoor equipment in Switzerland and operates eight branches as well as an online shop. At Transa, the enthusiasm for the great outdoors, nature, adventure and travelling is palpable – both in the world of experiences provided for customers and in the shared passion exhibited by customers and employees. The changes in the retail market, the increasing share of business accounted for by e-commerce and the advancing process of digitalisation necessitate the ongoing optimisation of structures and processes and the scrutinisation of future market performance.


Advancing digitalisation and changed customer behaviour have led to new players entering the market and helped online retail to register rapid growth. Like other companies, Transa also needed to rethink its traditional business model and to intelligently combine stationary elements and online content.

Multi- or omni-channel approaches are key to remaining viable in an environment characterised by digital competition. Transa first had to create the corresponding basis: a flexible system infrastructure, streamlined processes and a high quality of data, as well as employees who are prepared to question the status quo and optimise it independently.

Our task

Transa was to be offered targeted support during the transformation process through the provision of assistance with the handling of erroneous processes following the ERP changeover and the implementation of a systematic omni-channel focus. At the same time, the process of cultural change towards creating an agile organisation needed to be supported and encouraged.

Key elements of the solution

  • Analysis and prioritisation of critical plans and topics
  • Implementation of process optimisation and data cleansing with agile project development in interdisciplinary working groups
  • Introduction of agile working methods
  • Support of transformation process at a cultural level

Roles of ProAct

  • Contact partner, coordinator and pacemaker of the overriding transformation process
  • Enabler, guide and coach during the introduction of cross-departmental, project-related agile cooperation
  • Overall project management for the “Quality management task force” project for the handling of the ERP changeover including process optimisations
  • Project owner for the two “Omni-channelling” and “Customer experience” key projects

Wasserwerkgasse 29
CH-3011 Bern

+41 31 313 07 07

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