Processes and organisation

Business structures must allow for quick, proactive and controlled actions on the market and at the same time always maintain a focus on the operational value chain. ProAct offers well-founded assistance during the creation or optimisation of organisational and process structures that fit your business strategy.

Processes and organisational structures as means to an end

The shaping and continual improvement of processes as well as organisational structures is not an end in itself, but is rather – based on the business strategy – a continuous core task of successful organisations. Are the right skills available in the right amount at your company? Are the relevant responsibilities clearly defined? Does your organisation have the ability to quickly adjust to market and technological developments? The mix of guidelines and room for manoeuvre as well as autonomy and cooperation plays a decisive role here.

Thanks to its broad client portfolio, ProAct can call on the experience of many large, medium-sized and small organisations. Following a thorough analysis, we work with you to develop the desired processes, role models and organisational structures. Whether you are a hierarchical company that wants to put an end to prevailing silo thinking or a flat organisation seeking greater clarity and structure – ProAct provides you with tailored solutions.

ProAct services:

  • Comprehensive analysis, design and conception of the organisation
  • Definition and optimisation of processes and workflows along the value chain 
  • Development and implementation of operating concepts
  • Development of quality management systems and support during (re-)certifications in the areas of EFQM, ISO (9001, 14001, 27001, 20001), ISAE 3402 and good privacy
  • Satisfaction measurements and employee surveys
  • Performance and support of recruitment processes

«The professional, targeted and prudent overall project management activities of ProAct made a significant contribution to enabling us to successfully realise the launch of the new process tool. The personal commitment, high level of process and project management expertise as well as the strategic, conceptual and operational understanding of the Bern Cantonal Police were cornerstones of our partnership-based cooperation.»

Christine Mühlemann, Head of Finance at the Bern Cantonal Police and project owner

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