Strategy development for St.Galler Stadtwerke

As a reliable partner for electricity, water, gas, heating, fibre optics and mobility, St.Galler Stadtwerke (SGSW) ensure the quality of life of the population of the city as well as of part of the region of St. Gallen, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Around 300 employees guarantee the public energy and water supply and offer their expert knowledge as a service to various regional partners.


In recent years, SGSW has carried out large infrastructure projects (e.g. the development of the fibre-optic network, heat network, geothermal power and gas storage) and taken initial steps in connection with issues like smart city, e-mobility and contracting. SGSW is now well positioned to perform its core task and generally prepared for the next development steps.

However, the framework conditions of the environment in which it operates will change in future, seeing a gradual move towards an open market, renewable energies and a smart world. The SGSW Executive Board therefore has the task of developing a business strategy that shows how SGSW is to tackle the upcoming challenges with a view to securing its strong position on the market over the long term.

Our task

Working together with the SGSW Executive Board, an overriding business strategy including a vision was to be developed. On the basis of this strategy and taking account of the relevant changes to the environment in which SGSW operates, corresponding sub-strategies for the individual areas needed to be compiled. Any feedback effects on the business strategy arising from the sub-strategies were to be implemented subsequently. The time frame for the development of the business and sub-strategies was half a year.

Key elements of the solution

  • Development of a holistic and efficient procedure for the strategy development process
  • Development of a long-term strategy concept with a common vision
  • Review of the existing business structure
  • Review and further development of the market-product strategy
  • Design of the target positioning with respect to all relevant stakeholders
  • Derivation and clustering of focus topics and strategic measures
  • Creation of a rough implementation road map

Roles of ProAct

  • Assumption of overall coordination for the development of the business strategy and sub-strategies (including as pacemaker)
  • Moderation of strategy workshops with the SGSW Executive Board for the business strategy
  • Coaching/sparring during the development of the sub-strategies

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