Power App for the CVP Switzerland ballot vote

Occupying the centre of the political spectrum, CVP Switzerland is one of Switzerland’s most well-known political parties. The party is embracing the digital revolution using solutions from ProAct.


CVP Switzerland is undergoing a reform process that includes a debate about whether a new name for the national party should be chosen. In this context, the party held the first ballot vote in its history, with more than 76,000 party members being called on to cast their votes.

A mobile and digital solution was needed for secure and timely processing and communication of the voting results.

Our task

Together with CVP Switzerland representatives and appropriate legal support, the processing procedure was defined and implemented on the basis of a Microsoft Power App. This made it possible to scan QR codes on the ballots to identify voters and record voting results. The focus was on entry speed and accuracy as well as protection against tampering during the tabulation work to be carried out. The app, which ProAct developed in less than four weeks, was a persuasive solution due to its intuitive interface as well as its security and audit functions.

Key elements of the solution

  • Elaboration of the processing procedure for the ballot vote
  • Determination of the appropriate interplay of digital and analogue steps
  • Identification of potential sources of error due to tampering and other reasons
  • Implementation of a secure and intuitive mobile entry app with MS Power Apps
  • Provision of a statistics app for controlling and evaluation
  • Secure operation with data storage and user management in the MS Azure Cloud
  • Prompt support in case of functional and technical challenges

Roles of ProAct

  • Assistance in the design of a digital processing procedure for the ballot vote
  • Requirements engineering for the entry and statistics apps
  • Development and testing of both apps
  • User training and accompaniment of the rollout
  • Maintenance, support and operation during processing of the voting results

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