Transformation for the energy transition

Energy supply companies are being put to the test through the implementation of the Energy Strategy 2050 as well as the associated challenges with regard to management and further development of infrastructure, cultivation of customer contact, increasing competition and price wars.

ProAct is intimately familiar with these challenges and able to meet them with passion, a sense of humility and an integrated strategy system developed specifically for the energy industry consisting of overarching principles and specific sub-strategies for all relevant topics.

An integrated strategy system that serves as a lodestar throughout the transformation

Energy supply companies find themselves between the conflicting priorities of maintaining a secure supply and the challenge of asserting one’s place as a competitive enterprise on the open market.

This is precisely where ProAct comes in. We support boards of directors and management in finding the right balance between these opposing poles and setting the course for success. With methodological and technological expertise as well as specific leadership qualities in the field of energy, ProAct serves as a lodestar throughout the transformation process.

ProAct proof of experience

Integrated strategy system

  • Developing overarching enterprise strategies
  • Developing sub-strategies, such as digitalisation, product and sales, energy services, grids including smart grids and IT/OT on the basis of target grids plans. 
  • Defining the vision (for people, technology and the organisation) and road maps for implementation
  • Strategy reviews that take place on a regular basis

Organisational and cultural development

  • Developing and fostering a shared, overarching culture that spans several subsidiaries
  • Structuring business areas in laterally integrated enterprises
  • Organisational development for energy services
  • Organisational development for IT/OT


  • Overall project management for smart meter roll-out

«ProAct knows exactly how to support us through the complex challenges of being an energy supplier to the town of Schaffhausen. One of their valuable key competences is improving communication between the owners and management – this kind of cooperation is lacking at many energy suppliers.»

Hagen Pöhnert, Chairman of the Executive Board, SH Power

Numerous institutions rely on ProAct’s experience:

  • St.Galler Stadtwerke sgsw
  • SH Power
  • BKW Building Solutions
  • Energie Wasser Luzern ewl

Our holistic strategy system:

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