Transformation through continuous strategy development and implementation support

We developed a strategy system geared specifically to the energy sector, which comprises an overarching overall strategy and about a dozen sub-strategies. It is designed to enable energy supply companies to implement the Energy Strategy 2050 in stages. Energy supply companies have to further refine their existing business and build up new business fields/models. A holistic approach is used to identify and prioritise the key strategic, technical and organisational objectives. ProAct is playing the role of a holistic sparring partner and pacemaker throughout the entire transformation process on the path towards the energy transition.


Switzerland is committed to pursuing an ambitious energy strategy that is expected to be implemented by 2050. Decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation pose major hurdles for energy supply companies. In addition to new requirements imposed by the Swiss federal government or the canton, as well as by the owners, they must also continuously develop their activities in a number of areas (e.g. renewable energies, energy services, smart grids).

A number of energy supply company managers have grasped the signs of the times and are aware that a huge transformation is in store for them over the coming years, if not decades. The question now is, where do I start? You need a holistic and practical approach in order to prepare your organisation, with all its history and complexity, to take action in the face of this upheaval.

Our task

Through its long-standing experience in the energy sector, ProAct has developed a holistic strategy system comprising an overarching overall strategy and about a dozen sub-strategies (e.g. product/sales strategy, energy strategy, network strategies incl. IT/OT). Through forecasts and reflection, the company specifies the timeline up to 2050 with a medium-term vision (approx. 15 years from now). Afterwards, target scenarios are developed for stages spanning about five years each. The course to be charted today is then laid out in a tangible road map. This road map describes the specific next steps in the strategic, technical and organisational directions.

Developing strategies in the energy sector is an extremely complex and long-term process that requires continuous and iterative strategy work. ProAct supports energy supply companies both in the development of (sub-)strategies and in their implementation (e.g. through regular reviews, enablers and bridge-builders).

«ProAct’s passion for the subject of energy, as well as their expertise and performance in this area, is something we witness every day. They are a really valuable partner and support us with the implementation of our energy supply vision for the city of St. Gallen.»

Marco Letta, CEO, St. Galler Stadtwerke

Key elements of the solution

Establishment of a holistic and efficient procedure for strategy development and support of the transformation process:

  1. Corporate strategy with the key principles, taking into consideration the requirements of the Swiss federal government and the canton as well as the expectations of the owners
  2. Development of sub-strategies in the supply business and in business fields within the free market and of enabler strategies (e.g. IT/OT, human resources) in connection with decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation
  3. Identification of accompanying measures for internal and external communication, cooperation/partnerships, culture, transformation and leadership

Roles of ProAct

  • Overall coordination of the development of the diverse strategies of the holistic strategy system as pacemakers, moderators and content bridge-builders
  • Hosting of strategy workshops with management and specialised teams; in addition, presentations to steering committees (e.g. board of directors, political committees), as required
  • Supporting the regular status updates of the sub-strategies and ensuring end-to-end consistency
  • Coaching/sparring during the development and communication of the results and the entire transformation process

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