Process implementation for the Bern Cantonal Police

With around 2,500 employees, the Bern Cantonal Police is one of Switzerland’s largest emergency services. Its overriding objective is to make the canton of Bern one of the safest cantons in Switzerland. To this end, the Bern Cantonal Police uses all of the resources made available to it. In doing so, it gauges their use with a sense of proportion and in a success-oriented manner. To ensure that it can perform the police duties entrusted to it in a targeted, effective and resource-friendly manner, the Bern Cantonal Police develops its process orientation on an ongoing basis.


The Bern Cantonal Police already works in numerous areas (e.g. incident management) on the basis of processes and flowcharts. Until now, however, these have not been systematically compiled, completed and documented. To date, there has therefore been a lack of overriding, uniform process thinking. There has also been an absence of a generally binding process methodology and a process and quality management system that bears overall responsibility.

Consequently, it has also not been possible to ensure the continual standardisation, harmonisation and optimisation of work processes. This, in turn, makes the securing and transfer of expertise more difficult. In recent years, this incomplete process documentation has also been criticised on several occasions by the financial control authority.

Our task

As part of the strategy development activities for the Resources and Services department (R+S) of the Bern Cantonal Police, the compilation and implementation of processes were defined as two of the key initiatives. Together with the Technology department and as a pilot project for the entire Bern Cantonal Police, this ambitious project was realised with the launch of the new ViFlow process tool in March 2018.

Key elements of the solution

  • Determination of overriding process map (management, core, support processes)
  • Evaluation and implementation of as well as provision of training for the ViFlow process tool, and integration in the Bern Cantonal Police intranet
  • Preparation of process descriptions including input/output, core tasks, roles, instruments, process owners, etc.
  • Compilation, outlining and illustration of the defined processes in the ViFlow process tool via internal process draftsmen selected in advance
  • Provision of a central database for all process-relevant documents including their linking to the process tool and the relevant procedures
  • Recruitment and introduction of a process/quality manager

Roles of ProAct

  • Overall project management for “Process implementation” including management, guidance and monitoring with respect to quality, timing and costs
  • Management of the “Communication” and “Training” sub-projects including the provision of video instructions and e-learning
  • Involvement in the recruitment of the process/quality manager including their introduction and coaching with a view to operational takeover on 1 January 2018

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