Tailor-made launch of the CONEL control solution

CONEL allows users to collect data on incidents for passengers without a valid ticket electronically while on the go, including the associated back-office functions, such as sending invoices or reminders. ProAct specialises in project management and ensures efficient implementation and deployment of the solution, taking into consideration technical issues, processes and the organisation.


Transport companies face the challenge of handling large numbers of passengers without a valid ticket on a daily basis. Registering personal data, comparing it with the national “fare evasion database”, and invoicing and collection are complex processes with a variety of interfaces. A large number of transport companies have chosen the CONEL solution from BiLL GmbH to manage these processes. Since this decision involves a medium-sized IT project, the vast majority of the transport companies also place their trust in the specific experience of ProAct and its project management services.

Our task

ProAct assumes the overall project management for the transport companies. In this role, ProAct reports to a steering committee and manages the internal project team and the software supplier.

It applies a pragmatic, agile methodology to implement the project. All activities from the design and testing through to support are carried out using standard collaboration tools (e.g. Jira and MS Teams).

The functional requirements are initially determined based on existing process manuals and the basic configurations of the CONEL application are established. The server and network configurations are then carried out and the IT security is taken into consideration.

In order to ensure the transport company’s long-term independence as well as define responsibilities, a customised process manual which includes all relevant business and IT processes related to CONEL will be prepared.

Key elements of the solution

  • Overall agile/pragmatic project management
  • Efficient and effective configuration of the CONEL application and IT infrastructure
  • Intuitive system overviews for making it easier to understand the technical, process-related and organisational correlations
  • Preparation of a customised process manual

Roles of ProAct

  • Assumption of overall project management
  • Individual requirements engineering
  • Process design
  • Liaison between software supplier and transport company

Numerous transport companies rely on ProAct’s experience:


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